Fokker 100

Our Fokker 100 aircraft equipped with com­fort­able grey leather seats with 100Y configuration will offer you a spacious seat pitch of approx. 89 cm.

Our Fokker 100 are equipped with comfortable leather seats with a generous seat pitch of 35 inches (approx. 89 cm). The passenger cabin is spacious and offers over 2m standing height in the aisle. The cabin is also very quiet due to the aft fuselage engine position.

The Fokker 100 is equipped with a forward-opening passenger door with integral stairs (jetway compatible) and is powered by two fuel-efficient and reliable Rolls-Royce Tay 650 turbofan engines. The combination of low weight, very good low speed capability and high performance engines results in good short field performance. The highly reliable aircraft perfectly suites short to medium haul routes.

Overall, the Fokker 100 is a very mature and reliable aircraft and optimized for high cycle operations.

In all our airplanes EFB (electronic flight bag) is installed. This increases the efficiency for flight crews while performing their flight management tasks and replaces the monthly production of hundreds of paper charts with electronic versions of required information.


Seat capacity

100Y, pitch 35, leather seats


796 kph // 370 knots


2 pilots + 2 cabin attendants

Cabin height

2,01 m // 61,58 ft


up to 3330 km // 1,800 nm
(depending on payload)

Cruising altitude

up to 10,600 m // 35,000 ft

Baggage compartment

max. 17 m³ // 5000 kg


cold/warm meals
(diverse options selectable, depending on flighttime)

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